Model: BC-M350

350W 17R Beam Moving Head Light

  • Description:


    •Ballast:Electronic Ballast

    •Lamp:350W YODN

    •Power consumption: 600W

    •Lens : high precision optical lens

    •Color wheel: 13 color+white with rotating rainbow effect ,full color or half color function

    •Static Gobo wheel with 15 fixed gobos, 9 rotation gobos

    •Prism:8 Prism +Row prism normal ( you can choose 16/24 prism+Row prism)

    •Effect : Wash ,Spot ,beam 3in1

    •Focus: linear adjustment

    •Dimmer : 0-100% linear adjustment

    •Strobe : Double lens

    •Pan/Tilt : X axis 540° Y axis 270°automatically accurate positioning

    •Fixation option: Pan/Tilt-lock mechanism

    •Control mode : Standard DMX512, Automatic and Master/ slave mode

    •Channel : 16 / 24 CHs

    •Weight : 25kg Item

    •Size: 38*28CM*66CM

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