Model: BC-M380

380W Computer Beam Moving Head Light

Technical parameters:

*Power supply: AC100V-240V

*Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

*Total power: 600W

*Fuse: 7A

*Ballast: Electronic Ballast

*Light source: 380W Phoenix bulb in Japan

*Color temperature: 7800K

*Average life: 1500H

*Number of motors: 14 silent motors, XY three-phase motors

*Dimming: Independent dual-chip device, 0-14 times per second ultra-high speed stroboscopic, 0-100% linear adjustment.

*Fixed color: 14 color plates + white light, which can realize half-color, full-color, monochrome and double-color gradient and slow forward and backward direction.

*Rainbow effect, with Hall, magnet positioning and arbitrary angle automatic error correction function.

*Static Patterns: A Metal Patterns Disk (White Light + 10 Patterns + Dynamic Effect Patterns), 5-level Beam Angle

*Adjustment can achieve the effect of pipelining, dithering, random motion and slow and fast conversion in both positive and negative directions.

*Li, a special high temperature resistant metal material, with Hall, magnet positioning and automatic error correction function at any angle.

*Prism: 8+16+24 honeycomb prism, 8 prism, double prism can be superimposed, can rotate independently in two directions, no prism

*Black spot, prism superposition is still clear, and has automatic focusing function.

*Colour film: 1 six-colour film (can make seven colour effects)

*Atomization: An independent atomization effect with soft and natural light spot

*Control Channel: 16CH/20CH Channel

*Control signal: international standard DMX512

*Appearance: High Temperature Resistant Plastics

*Body color: black

*Protection Level: IP20

*Net weight: 16.5 kg

Eight advantages:

1) Boot-up operation and reset channel mute

2) XY high speed operation

3) precise positioning and no deviation

4) RDM remote control Address Code,

5) Intelligent Detection and Assessment of Obstacles

6) Manual Disturbance Shake Head Intelligently Release

7) Prism without Black Spot, Prism Overlay, Still clear prism autofocus

8) High transmittance combination mirror, strong light sensitivity, full beam

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