Model: BC-M295C

295W Computer Beam Moving Head Light

  • BEAM 295 adopts an imported NEOLUX  light source with a 2° beam angle to release a sharp and bright light effect, creating a strong visual impact. Rich color disc and gobo disc can provide excellent color macros and dynamic effects. A variety of strobe speed with a variety of prisms and tower mirrors use to create a brilliant and variable beam effect to meet the needs of various types of performances. BEAM 300 is very suitable for bars, dance halls, nightclubs, performances, and other entertainment venues.

    Technical Parameters

    Light source: NEOLUX 295W

    The diameter of the light output lens: 155mm

    Color temperature: 7800K

    Voltage:190-240V~ 50/60Hz

    Power: 450W

    Power outlet: power connector input/output

    Signal input/output: Three-conductor XLR socket

    Excellent Color Macro effect

    Colorful rainbow effect

    Fixed gobo: 1 fixed gobo,13 a pattern plus 1 white circle, can realize the flow, jitter,

    random motion and positive and negative direction slow and fast conversion effect,

    special high-temperature resistant metal materials, with Hall, magnet positioning

    Color disk: 1 color disk, 14 fixed color plus white, two-way rainbow effect, can

    achieve half-color, full color, single and double color gradient, and positive and

    negative direction slow and fast rainbow effect, with Hall, magnet positioning and any

    angle automatic error correction function.

    Equipped with one 8-prism and one 8+8+8 honeycomb prism, which can be rotated

    and stacked in both directionsBeam angle: 2°

    Independent fogging effect

    1 independent six-color mirror effect

    Motorized Focusing System

    Outstanding strobe effect with variable speed

    0-100% smooth dimming

    Flicker-free under HD cameras

    Control channel: 16CH channel /20CH

    Control signal: international standard DMX512/RDM function

    Control panel: LCD plus 5 buttons

    X-axis running angle: 540°

    Y-axis operation angle: 270°

    X-axis/Y-axis position out-of-step auto-correction

    Can be mounted horizontally or vertically

    Universal operating position

    Bottom with two 1/4 turn quick-lock light hooks

    Fuse connection hole

    Appearance: High-temperature resistant plastic

    Lamp body color: black

    Protection level: IP20

    Net weight: 13kg

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