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18x12W amber +white 2in1 5050 led zoom led par light$248   shop now$190   contact us
6x7in1 RGBWA UV+Lime Waterproof Led Par Light$199    shop now$165   contact us
4x18w led moving head ,black and white available$89   shop now$65   contact us
7x18w 6in1 led par light$79   shop now$70   contact us
flightcase which packed 36 led zoom moving$279   shop now$250   contact us
Empty Fly case for 200W/230W Beam moving head light$279   shop now$250   contact us
flightcase for  no waterproof par packed 8 lights$299   shop now$240   contact us
19x15w 4in1 led wash zoom fly case 2in1$250   shop now$230   contact us
19x15w 4in1 led wash zoom fly case 4in1$280   shop now$250   contact us
200W LED Moving head light$558   shop now$450   contact us
black 230W 8+16 prism$538   shop now$390   contact us
36x6in1 led zoom moving head, black and white available$388   shop now$300   contact us
19x15w 4in1 led wash zoom moving head light$328   shop now$300   contact us
19x15w 4in1 led wash zoom moving head light(with backlight)$338   shop now$320   contact us
18x6in1 led zoom par 0-60 degree / power in and out$188   shop now$150   contact us
 18x6in1 led par light ,7/9CH$139   shop now$95   contact us
12x6in1 led waterproof par IP65$178   shop now$150   contact us
18x18w 6in1 led zoom par waterproof IP65$239   shop now$210   contact us
18x6in1 waterproof led flat par light IP65$188   shop now$150   contact us
18x6in1 waterproof led par light IP65$199   shop now$155   contact us
Super Wash 18pcs*6in1 LED Flat Par Light$179   shop now$140   contact us
200W LEKO Spot Light$418   shop now$350   contact us
4W RGB animation laser light$850   shop now$650   contact us

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