Model: BC-M260

260W 9R Beam Moving Head Light

  • Light source: 260W

    Expected life of lamp bulbs: 2000 hours

    Color temperature: 7800K

    Voltage: AC100-240V,50/60HZ

    Total power: 400W

    Power port: Input/output port of

    Power Connector

    Signal interface: Three-core DMX/RDM

    signal input/output


    1) Power on operation and reset channel mute

    2) XY high speed operation

    3) Accurate positioning without deviation

    4) RDM remote address code

    5) Intelligent fault detection and estimation

    6) Manual interference can be released intelligently

    7) The prism has no black spots, and the

    superpositionof the prism is still clear

    8) High transmittance combination mirror,

    strong light sense, full beam

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