LED Stage Lighting Market To Expand In 2017

A new report by LEDinside shows a strong uptick in demand for Stage Light, Filamnet Lamp and OLED Lighting for the rest of 2017. LEDinside, a division of market research firm TrendForce, looked at the potential increases in sales based mostly on market demand.

The study shows the stage lighting market will increase by 14% in 2017, with expected sales of $745 million. That is in comparison to the $655 million sold in 2016. The study shows price drops in LED lighting is creating an increase in demand, and it expects this segment of lighting to reach $1 billion in sales by 2020.

According to the study, LED stage lights have several advantages and disadvantages when compared to traditional lighting. On the advantage side, more efficiency, higher color quality, longer lifespans and easier to use where cited. Among the disadvantages are higher production costs and inconsistent quality.