Now you can get more lights by paying less money

Many overseas customers have the same inquiry: “Neither do I want the lights to be shipped from China, nor do I want to pay for the high taxes and customs. How can I do for that?”We were trying to find an answer to it in the last few years, finally, we have a solution, now you could save money by getting the lights from our overseas warehouse.

US & EU Warehouses

We set up our US warehouses in CA,TX and VA, and EU warehouse in DE,CZ and ES in 2017 and have several years of operation experience. Now you can enjoy more wonderful shopping experience with it.

Pre-paid taxes and customs

We have paid the customs tax before the item arrived to the warehouse, so you don’t need to pay any tax for the item.

Better and quicker shipment

Normally, it will take some time to prepare and ship the item to you if the ship from China. Now, We have the spot stocking, if you are near our warehouse, it will only take about 1-3 days, and the longest shipping time to other states is 5-7 days. It could save about 30-50% shipping time. The shipping cost is cheaper than ship from China, You could get the same item at a lower price.

Fast response

After we received your payment, we could handle your order in 24 hours, so that you could get the item earlier, there is usually a tracking number soon after we create the shipment in our overseas warehouse system.

Good After-sales service

If the item was damaged on the shipping way, we could accept the return, it’s easy than return to China. We have an After-sales service station in TX and VA, If the lights have a problem in the warranty year, we could help to fix it soon.

Some customers have another inquiry: “Do you have an inventory of this light in your EU warehouse, if not, when will it be available?”


We regularly check our product listing pages and our website. The insights give an idea of what items are selling the most, the ones that are getting good ratings and customer reviews. Normally it will take about 50 days for a batch of goods to arrive at the EU warehouse, so we send the products to our EU warehouse monthly to keep the inventory going smoothly. Here we would like to introduce the top 10 hot sale products which are in overseas warehouse stock now.

Top 1: RDM 230W 8+16 Prism Beam Moving head Light

The light is in Euro Warehouse. Our factory use 450W switching power supply with PFC to keep the light work steadily. the roll fan from sunon (Taiwan) for lamp cooling, the pan and tilt motor are 3-phase with rapid movement and precise position, 3-phase motor’s noise is lower than the 2-phase motor. So our 230W mover scan very smoothly and quickly.

Top 2: 230W 7R Beam Moving Head Light 8 prism

The White 230W Beam Moving head lights are in US Warehouse. We could packed it with carton box or fly case. The lights with touch screen, easy to operation. The light with OSRAM 230W Bulb, good quality ballast which with temperature resistance, pressure resistance, stability, anti-interference, it could make sure the bulb with longer life.

The light Using high-transmission optical lens group, the speed of light is wide and uniform. With heat sink + powerful fan to form a cooling system, rapid heat dissipation to ensure long working hours. Both horizontal and vertical scanning systems use silent motors.

Top 3: White/ Black 36x18w 6in1 Zoom Led Moving Head Light

We use Tyanshine LED which is the best led supplier in China, with a touch screen, easy to handle. The lights with smooth dimming and we use rapid & low-noise motors on pan and tilt.

Top 4: 19x15w 4in1 led wash zoom moving head light

The light with Vivid, uniform wash effect, 0-100% smooth dimming, Rapid, linear and smooth zooming, Single-lens wash with fully premixed color, Broad color palette, RGBW color mixing. We use Highly intelligent motherboard provides stable power, Ensure that the lamp bead power supply is stable and not burned out

Top 5: RDM Support 260W 9R Beam Moving Head Light With Powercon (white)

The light with the phoenix MSD 260W lamp, the touch screen is easy to set, white color is good for a wedding. The lights with super intensive, sharp  & high brightness beam effect, 16-facet prism and 8+16+24 honeycomb prism+ 16 facet prism+rainbow prism (fantastic multi-prism effect) Rapid, powerful, ultra-low noise 3-phase motor on pan and tilt.

Top 6: Indoor 18x18W RGBWA UV 6in1 Led Par Light

The light has an intelligent cooling system, the cooling fan will start working when the LED temperature reaches 50℃, and the cooling fan will fully work when the temperature reaches 55℃, so the light has an important feature:Ultra low noise. The light both in our Euro and US Warehouse.

Top 7: Indoor 18x18W Zoom Led Par Light (another type with power con)

We have 2 types for this zoom par lights, one is normal, and another type with powercon. About 18pcs*6in1 LED zoom par can, we use an intelligent cooling fan, when the fixture temperature reaches 50℃, the cooling fan will start to work, and we use low noise cooling fan in the fixture. The lights can be changed the address by MA or RDM controller.

Top 8: Outdoor IP65 18X18W RGBWA UV 6in1 Led Flat Par Light

The light is outdoor use, it’s good for the church, building decoration and concert. The par light with no fan. Excellent heat radiation. The light with 0-100% smooth dimming, Outstanding color macro effect, fade, and built-in programs.

Top 9: IP65 18x18w RGBWA UV 6in1 Zoom Led Par Light

The light adopts all-cast aluminum housing, have good sealed and waterproof function, it also has good heat dissipation and waterproofness, We use the high-power power supply, with stable output voltage, long life, and it can fulfill different voltage and frequency requirements, we use special flexible cables, it has good waterproof and frostproof function, and with Stronger anti-interference effect.

Top 10:Twins Par IP65 7x6in1 (6x7in1 RGBWA UV+Lime ) Led Par Light with Ring

We have 2 types of the par light in US Warehouse, Twin-1 is the 6in1 par with ring effect. 7in1 twin-2 is a special par can with subsidiary LED ring and Lime chip. which uses top-brand LED supplier’s high power(25Watt) 7in1 (RGBWA+UV+Lime, it is difficult to generate lime by mixing color), plus narrow-angle optic (6°), it creates pure color beam or multicolor strong beam effect and magical color ring.  the slim, compact size and low weight of 7in1 twin-2 combined its adaptability make it ideal for events, yard, landscape, etc.

How to purchase the lights from our overseas warehouse?

We have several online shops in eBay and Aliexpress, you could place purchase orders directly through these shops.









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