Model: JW-144

Tiger Touch Controller

  • A powerful, new, intuitive, Titan 9.1 operating system Powerful field scene control.Core double processor, 120G SSD, 4G memory.Support Chinese menu display and built-in multi language.
  • Reflects sensitive widescreen interface, screen full touch screen, Chinese and English interface.Built in 15.6 inch touch screen, 17 Inch Touch screen can be extended.12 DMX512 output ports, 2048 DMX channels. Support Artnet, and can extend to 12 DMX outputs, 6144 channels.20 scenes and running lights master.More than 1000 virtual replays. Compatible with pearl expert performance files.
  • 10 macro buttons and macro libraries to edit any program.
  • Powerful CMY toning function. Support graffiti style handwriting, preview the server or digital built-in material. An external Wi-Fi access point is reserved for remote control using mobile devices (IPhone, IPod, Touch).
  • Support for Artnet, Avotalk, and CTIP protocol support.
  • Support for CITP multimedia material agreement.
  • More than 1000 world mainstream lamps, libraries, and built-in Personality Builder light library

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