Model: JW-360

Dream 360 Controller

  • Controller Channel:360 Channels
  • Display: LCD
  • other functions:
    1. it’s available to control 18 lights, every light with 20 channels.
    2. 54 independent scenes, and can be output in the same time.
    3. 36 programs (the scene unshared), it’s available to open 36 programs in the same time, the running data of every program can be controlled independently, as well as time/slip.
    4. it’s available to edit 200 steps maximum for a program, the maximum are 1200 steps for all programs.
    5. 18 program groups, it’s available to open all the program groups in the same time, every program group included 36 steps, it’s available to include 36 programs for every step, the running time of every step of program groups can be adjusted independently.
    6. 2 3-pins 512 output interfaces.
    7. Signal output isolated, to avoid to burn out the controller caused by the electric leakage.
    8. dial X/Y control,set the channel randomly.
  • Appearance: Use the streamline design

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