Model: JW-512

Sunny 512 Controller

  • JW-512

  • power:AC220v50-60Hz.
  • The DMX512 standard. 512 DMX control channels.
  • 2 independent output with isolated driving ports, with anti 1500VDC electric shocks The independent insert board structure is easy to change.
  • can control computer light of 32 channel 16.
  •  large backlight LCD display is used to display various operating parameters.
  •  16sliders for channel,1 slider for speed control.
  •  1600 chase steps,48 chases up to 100 steps each. each step contains its speed and cross time  can be set respectively. trigger mode selectable music synchronously and manual speed.
  •  lights go with rate push rod, the time step can range from 0.03s-180s;
  • 48 can directly call the computer lights the scene;
  • can run the 4 program, the 48 scene at the same time, and at the same time the computer lights on the 32 units of manual operation, manual operation (lantern) (lantern) with channel release function.
  • different kinds of computer lights X/Y control data unified by the wheel, or by fader control.
  • 16Bit computer X/Y lamp control precision.15 key environmental, fast transfer of different scenes, walking lights, manual operation combination.
  • The music signal can be got from the audio line input or built-in microphone.
  • The easy to learn and use, higher operation efficiency;
  • The shutdown data storage.
  • The high performance switching power supply, power supply with low harmonic distortion and wide range of voltage, the world power requirements (90V-240V).
  • The size: 565 x 400 x 175mm.

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