Model: BC-M80

80W LED Beam Moving Head Light

  1. Light source: 80LED white light module
  2. Maximum power: 250W
  3. Power supply: wide voltage input switching power supply 100V-240V 50-60Hz
  4. Color temperature: 7000K-8000K
  5. Lamp life: 50000 hours
  6. Spot angle: 2 degrees.
  7. Control mode: DMX512, master-slave operation
  8. Channel mode: 16CH/20CH
  9. Support RDM function, DMX software upgrade function
  10. Optional network function support: Artnet, sACN, network protocol
  11. X/Y scan: horizontal 540 degree, vertical: 270 degrees.
  12. Color: 13 color plates + pure white light, rainbow effect, can be positioned arbitrarily.
  13. Fixed pattern: 12 fixed patterns, jitter water effect.
  14. 6 color: an independent 6 color disc, can achieve the effect of rainbow design.
  15. Atomizing mirror: atomizing soft mirror
  16. Dimming: 0-100 * linear dimming.
  17. Stroboscopic: synchronous pulse strobe, random pulse strobe.
  18. Prism 1:8 prism, bidirectional rotation effect
  19. Prism plate 2:16 prism, two-way rotation effect
  20. Focus: the pattern can be adjusted clearly.
  21. Display: color LCD display, Chinese and English display, reversible display, Efficient heat dissipation system, whole temperature monitoring, over temperature automatic protection, no risk of lamp damage.

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