Model: BC-UV150

150w uv sterilization disinfection air purifier uvc germicidal light

  • Ultraviolet ray is a kind of low energy electromagnetic radiation with poor penetrating power. Ultraviolet ray can be divided into three groups: long wave band (320-400nm), medium wave band (275-320nm) and short wave band (180-275nm). In the short wave band, the wavelength of 240-280nm has strong bactericidal power.
    1. usage of ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization lamp:
    2. Disinfection of the surface of articles: small articles (such as masks, gloves, glasses, etc.) are irradiated and disinfected by ultraviolet disinfection lamp.
    3. Indoor disinfection:

    In indoor unmanned condition, can take mobile ultraviolet direct irradiation, indoor ultraviolet disinfection lamp effective disinfection area for the average per cubic meter is not less than 1.5W, irradiation time of 30 minutes or so, the larger area of the place can be moved disinfection or increase the number of disinfection lamp.

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